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Do I Need A Plumber?

There are some telltale signs that you need a plumber. If you have a leak or clogged sink, then it’s time to call. If your faucet is leaking or your toilet is running, then you might need to see one too.

How Do I Hire A Plumber?

Finding a great plumber is a lot easier than most people think. The first step is knowing how to spot a good plumber from a bad one. The problem is that we've become accustomed to utilizing plumbers in situations where we need them the most, such as when there's a plumbing emergency. This results in us putting our trust in any old professional who happens to be handy at the time.

But this approach doesn't ensure high quality workmanship.

The smart homeowner will check up on their professional to see how they measure up by checking the following:

1. A good plumber will have all the necessary licenses and insurance that they need to operate their business.

2. Ask for references - A real plumber will be eager to show you references of completed projects.

3. Get it in writing - Before having any work done, make sure your plumber provides you with a written estimate of exactly what the project will cost. If he doesn't give you this estimate, you should hire someone else or do the job yourself.

Should I Call A Plumber Or Do It Myself?

One of the most common questions we hear from people is whether they should call a plumber or do it themselves.

Let’s say you have a minor plumbing issue and you’re not sure if you should call a plumber or if you can fix it yourself. You can try to fix it yourself but there’s a chance that you might break something and then you’ll be even worse off than when you started.

A lot of people think they’ll save money by doing things themselves instead of hiring professionals, but they end up wasting more time and money than they would have had they just hired a plumber in the first place. Calling a plumber is the most efficient way to get something done that you don’t know how to do yourself.

Questions to Ask Your Residential Plumber Before Hiring Them

When customers are in a rush, they often forget to ask questions. This can lead to costly mistakes or hiring a plumber who might not be the best fit. Before you hire someone to fix your plumbing problem, make sure you get an honest assessment of your issue and a realistic evaluation of your options.

In addition to asking about references, providing a written estimate, and whether they are licensed and insured, here are some other questions to ask any potential Charleston plumber before hiring them:

Do You Offer a Warranty on Your Work?

When you hire a plumber for a repair or installation, your plumbing should come with a guarantee. The most reliable contractors are willing to fix any problem that's related either to the original issue or the service performed. If there's no warranty, it can be a basic fix and they refuse to back up their work, find another contractor who will guarantee their work.

Can I Get A Few References?

To protect yourself from a bad plumber, stay away from any who can't provide you with at least 3-5 references. Then give those people a call and ask them about the plumber’s service. Find out what they liked most and what they liked least. Follow up by looking online for reviews about the plumber on other websites or on their Google Business Listing.

Can I Get a Breakdown of all Fees?

There’s no way for a plumber to give you a quote over the phone. At best, they can provide you with a soft quote. Keep in mind that the price is not set and may end up being much higher.

It is important to ask your plumber if their quote includes labor and material. You should also find out what they charge if the quote doesn’t include labor and material.

Be sure to ask how your plumber charges for their services. Some charge by the hour, which can get expensive if a job takes longer than expected. If they do charge by the hour, ask for an estimate of the expected length of the job.

Any Advice on How to Avoid Future Plumbing Issues?

The best plumbers in the business will offer customers advice on how to prevent issues in the future. When customers take this advice, it saves the service calls and repairs, thus saving money!

A plumber with good customer service will do their best to anticipate problems before they occur. They'll provide you with maintenance tips on how to prevent further damage to your plumbing. And when you finally need more repairs, they'll be there to help you out!

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