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Transform Your Home with Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems in Charleston

Perfect Climate Control with Mitsubishi Mini Splits

For all your Mitsubishi Mini Split needs in Charleston, contact the experts at ClimateMakers. We offer professional installation, competitive pricing, and reliable service to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Looking for a Mitsubishi Ductless Installer in Charleston?

Searching for the best Mitsubishi Mini Split solutions? ClimateMakers offers top-rated service in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, Summerville, and surrounding areas.

We specialize in Mitsubishi Mini Split systems, including ducted and ductless options. Whether you need a Mitsubishi Mini Split AC, a multi-zone system, or specific models like the Mitsubishi Mini Split 2 ton or 9000 BTU, our certified technicians provide expert installation, maintenance, and repair.

Contact us at 843-552-9024 for all your Mitsubishi Mini Split needs. Experience comfort and efficiency with ClimateMakers today!

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Battling the Heat? Mitsubishi Mini Splits Win!

Charleston's weather can be a real challenge, whether you're nestled in the historic charm of South of Broad or enjoying the modern vibe of Daniel Island or Nexton. 

Sweltering summers and high energy bills can make comfort hard to come by. Traditional HVAC systems aren't always the best fit, especially for historic homes where ductwork is a hassle. Picture this: It's a scorching summer day in Charleston, and your old air conditioning system is on the fritz. You're sweating, the energy bills are piling up, and some rooms are ice-cold while others are blazing hot. Or maybe you live in a beautiful historic home where installing a traditional HVAC system is more trouble than it's worth. It's a frustrating situation that nobody wants to deal with. Enter Mitsubishi Mini Splits and ClimateMakers. These systems are a game-changer, offering efficiency, flexibility, and top-notch performance, perfect for any Charleston area home. Stay cool and comfortable with Mitsubishi Mini Splits, made to handle Charleston's heat and keep you chill all year round.

Hear It From Our Satisfied Mitsubishi Mini Split Customers

At ClimateMakers, we prioritize customer satisfaction for your Mitsubishi mini split needs. Our honest service means no constant upselling. Whether you need a Mitsubishi mini split AC in Mount Pleasant or a Mitsubishi mini split multi-zone system in the historic French Quarter, we ensure reliable, efficient heating and cooling. Check our reviews to see how we deliver on our promises.


Jennifer O.

"We had ClimateMakers install a Mitsubishi MiniSplit to replace an older, underperforming unit. They listened to our needs, provided a Good-Better-Best-"Bestest" leveled recommendation and quote, allowing us to truly understand the options."


Matt H.

“This is a team of professionals who know exactly how to serve their market! They are Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors, and their knowledge and expertise will serve you very well!"


Carolyn J.

“Over the last few years, they have done a superb job of 3 different installations for our older home as they became needed - including a Mitsubishi split system for the room stairs. Their prices were reasonable and very competitive with other companies we contacted; their employees were extremely polite, respectful of our property, competent, and made sure we were satisfied before payment was made.

Why Choose ClimateMakers for Your Mitsubishi Mini Split Installation?

Real Expertise

When it comes to keeping cool, we've got years of hands-on experience. ClimateMakers Plumbing • Heating • & Air is the go-to crew for Mitsubishi Mini Split systems in Charleston, covering everywhere from North Charleston to Mount Pleasant. Our certified techs know these systems inside and out, making sure your home stays comfortable without a hitch.

Happy Customers

We’re all about keeping folks happy, whether you're in Summerville or Johns Island. Our service is honest and straightforward, no gimmicks. We aim to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your Mitsubishi Mini Split installation. Don't just take our word for it – check out what your neighbors are saying in their reviews.

All the Services You Need

At ClimateMakers, we’ve got you covered with a full range of hot water heater services:

At ClimateMakers, we handle everything related to Mitsubishi Mini Splits:

  • Installation: Need a new cooling solution? Our skilled technicians will get your Mitsubishi Mini Split system up and running quickly and smoothly.

  • Maintenance: Keep your Mitsubishi Mini Split system in top shape with regular check-ups, avoiding those annoying breakdowns.

  • Repair: Got a problem? We’ll diagnose and fix your mini split in no time, so you can stay comfy.

  • Multi-Zone Systems: We install and service multi-zone systems for personalized comfort throughout your home.

  • Emergency Services: We’re on call 24/7 for any urgent Mitsubishi Mini Split issues, keeping your home comfortable no matter what.

Give ClimateMakers a call at 843-552-9024 for friendly, reliable Mitsubishi Mini Split installation and maintenance services in the Charleston area.

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Experience Unmatched Comfort with Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Imagine stepping into your home after a long day, greeted by a perfect, cool breeze that whispers 'welcome home.'

This isn’t just any breeze—it’s a promise of unmatched comfort, an embrace from the future of climate control. With Mitsubishi mini splits from ClimateMakers, redefine what it means to live comfortably, effortlessly blending advanced technology with sleek design.

Adaptive Technology:

With the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Deluxe Wall-mounted Indoor Unit, every breath of air is tailored to your exact preference. Featuring the innovative 3D i-see Sensor®, it detects your presence and adjusts airflow to ensure you are always in the comfort zone.

Transparent Pricing:We offer competitive and clear pricing on all Mitsubishi mini split systems, from the versatile Mitsubishi mini split 9000 BTU to the robust Mitsubishi mini split 36000 BTU.

Professional Installation: 

Our expert team ensures a seamless installation process, bringing the benefits of efficient heating and cooling to homes across Summerville and Daniel Island.

Quiet Elegance: 

Imagine a system so quiet you’ll forget it’s there. Sound levels as low as 20 dB(A) mean peace and tranquility fill your home, from the bustling streets of Harleston Village to the serene retreats of James Island.

Energy Efficiency:

Save more while enjoying more. With SEER2 ratings up to 32.2, Mitsubishi mini splits are not just appliances—they're investments in your home’s future. Perfect for the eco-conscious residents of Mount Pleasant who demand both style and sustainability.

Multi-Zone Mastery: 

From the compact efficiency of a Mitsubishi mini split 2 zone to the expansive coverage of a Mitsubishi mini split 4 zone, each system is designed to meet your unique needs.

Our Mitsubishi Mini Split Installation Process

ClimateMakers service van parked in front of a residential home, ready for a Mitsubishi mi

Step 1

Initial Consultation and Assessment

The journey to a perfectly climate-controlled home begins with an initial consultation. Our experts will visit your property, assess your cooling and heating needs, and recommend the best Mitsubishi mini split system for your home. Whether you need a Mitsubishi mini split AC or a Mitsubishi mini split ducted system, we've got you covered.

Step 4

Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians will handle the installation process with precision and care. From mounting the indoor units to setting up the outdoor condenser, we ensure every component is properly installed for maximum efficiency. We specialize in Mitsubishi mini split installation, whether it's a simple setup or a more complex Mitsubishi mini split 36000 BTU system.

Step 2

Accurate Sizing

Proper sizing is crucial for efficient operation. We'll determine the ideal capacity for your space, whether it's a Mitsubishi mini split 2-ton unit for larger areas or a Mitsubishi mini split 9000 BTU for smaller rooms. For multi-room solutions, we offer Mitsubishi mini split multi zone systems, including 3-zone and 4-zone options.

Step 5

Post-Installation Support

After installation, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly. We'll guide you on how to operate your new Mitsubishi mini split AC and offer tips for maintaining its efficiency. Should you need any assistance, our team is always ready to help.

Step 3

Selecting the Right System

Choose from a variety of Mitsubishi mini split systems to match your needs and preferences. Options include the Mitsubishi mini split ceiling cassette for discrete installation and the versatile Mitsubishi mini split 2 zone or 3 zone systems. We'll help you compare Mitsubishi mini split prices and find a solution that fits your budget.

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Areas We Serve

Charleston, SC

Experience top-notch Mitsubishi mini split AC services in Charleston, including the historic downtown area and neighborhoods like West Ashley and James Island. Whether you're looking for a Mitsubishi mini split 9000 BTU system or a 36000 BTU multi-zone setup, we have you covered.

Summerville, SC

Summerville residents trust us for Mitsubishi mini split AC services, including the historic downtown and the Nexton area. From installation to repair, we handle everything from Mitsubishi mini split ducted systems to 2-ton units.

North Charleston, SC

For reliable and fast Mitsubishi mini split AC services in North Charleston, covering areas near Park Circle, Oak Terrace Preserve, and beyond, look no further. We specialize in multi-zone systems, including 2-zone and 3-zone configurations.

Johns Island

Johns Island residents, including those on Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island, rely on us for their Mitsubishi mini split AC needs. Whether you need a ceiling cassette installation or a 36000 BTU system, our experts are here to help.

Mount Pleasant, SC

In Mount Pleasant, we provide expert Mitsubishi mini split AC services, serving both the Old Village and newer developments near Belle Hall. Our services include the installation and maintenance of Mitsubishi mini split systems of various capacities.

Other Towns

We also serve other surrounding towns: Goose Creek, Hanahan, Moncks Corner, Ravenel, Hollywood, Folly Beach, and more. Whether you're looking for a cost-effective Mitsubishi mini split installation or need service for your existing unit, our team is ready to assist.

  • Do I Need To Replace My AC System?
    You need an AC system that keeps your home cool all summer long. If you have noticed diminished air flow, hot or cold spots in your home, the need for frequent repairs, or other trouble signs, it may be time to consider replacing your AC system.
  • Benefits of Installing a New AC System?
    New AC systems are more energy efficient and you could save big on energy bills. Installing a new AC system can improve indoor air quality, increase your home's environmental efficiency, and keep your home comfortable for years to come.
  • Do I Need to Schedule Regular AC Maintenance?
    Over time, regular wear and tear will diminish the efficiency of your system. Scheduling regular maintenance services can ensure the longevity of your system. In addition, our technicians can catch potential issues before they become more severe.
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