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Serving Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, Summerville, North Charleston, West Ashley, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and surrounding areas, ClimateMakers has many years of A+ BBB rated experience servicing, replacing, and repairing hot water heaters.  


All our hot water heater technicians are licensed and certified so you can rest assured that we are experts in plumbing repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation.


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Water Heater Pros in Charleston

Hot water is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. In Charleston, people use hot water for everything from doing the dishes to taking a relaxing shower, and even going one day without it presents a gigantic inconvenience.


If you’re having problems with your existing water heater—or you need to get a new one—don’t try to deal with it alone. Simply call ClimateMakers.

ClimateMakers has a proven record of top-rated service. We hire only the best water heater technicians, we show up on time, and we make sure you get exactly what you need—whether from your current water heater or a new installation.

Our services in Charleston include:

  • Repair of all types of water heater, no matter what model or year


  • Full-service installation of new water heaters


  • Sales of new water heaters, with an assessment of your capacity needs

  • Traditional Water Heaters

  • Tankless Water Heaters

All of our repairs, installations, and sales come backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Don’t go one more day without the hot water you need.


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What Type Of Water Heater Is Best?

In determining what sort of unit to purchase, consider the two types of heat sources. Water heaters use either gas or electricity.


The main advantage of electricity is its safety. There’s no risk of gas leaks, no open flame, and no exhaust vents needed. They also tend to be smaller than gas-heated units. The big disadvantage is the cost of operation. Electricity is more expensive than gas. It also takes it longer to heat water.


Gas, on the other hand, is very economical. If it’s used to heat water in a tank and relies on a pilot light, it can keep the water hot even if the electricity goes out.


The second thing to consider is whether to go with a traditional hot water heater or tankless unit. To get the most out of your investment, our Charleston local plumbers at ClimateMakers can go over the different models we offer and help you make the right decision for your needs.

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Water Heater Installation in Charleston

Installing a water heater is not as simple as hooking up a couple of hoses. Water heaters need space to operate safely and an improperly installed unit can be a continuing source of danger in your home. When you call in a licensed plumbing expert, you can be sure your hot water heater unit is installed properly both for safety, top performance, and maximum energy savings.


Our water heater installation services include:

  • Proper placement & ventilation for the unit

  • Professional installation of all gas or electric elements

  • Proper setup of the water heater so you get the most out of it

  • The best energy savings

  • Compliance with all local codes

We are also authorized sellers of high-quality, energy-efficient water heaters. We can help you find the water heater that meets your needs—and your budget. Give us a call, 843-552-9024.

Hot Water Heater Repair Charleston SC

What are the Most Common Water Heater Repairs in Charleston?

A faulty water heater can mean that you’re getting water that isn’t hot enough or no hot water at all. Either way, the result is an inconvenience in the home and difficulty doing basic everyday tasks. Our technical experts have worked with just about every water heater problem possible—and fixed them all. But there are some problems that we see come up more often than others.


Check out the most common:

  • Water isn’t hot enough. This can be frustrating because you may put up with it for weeks or even months before deciding it needs to be fixed. Luckily it’s usually a fast, easy fix. We see this a lot on traditional electric water heaters, which use a pair of electric heating elements to heat the tank. Often, one of the two burns out, resulting in water that’s warm but not hot. We can replace it or diagnose the true problem if this isn’t it.


  • No hot water at all. Depending on the unit, this could mean both of your heating elements burned out or it could have a variety of other causes. We can isolate the cause and get you back to steaming hot water in no time.


  • Erratic water heating/long waits for hot water. This can also have multiple causes, but we see it a lot on gas-heated water tanks. Ash and dirt can build up in the burner assembly, causing pilot light and burner problems—which reduces the efficiency of the whole unit. You can often tell this is the culprit if you’re seeing higher energy bills even as your hot water capacity declines.


  • Leaking around the tank. This can be normal wear and tear of the hoses and lines involved in a water heater. It can also involve the pressure relief valve, which is supposed to let water out only if the internal temperature and pressure get too high. If this valve has worn out, it may be dumping water for no reason. We can find the problem and get your water heater leak-proof in no time.

Not sure what’s causing your water heater issue? Call us, 843-552-9024. We can help you figure out the cause of your problem and recommend whether or not you need a service call.

Do You Work With Tankless Water Heaters?

Yes, we do. Tankless heaters are great for two reasons:

  • Energy savings. They dramatically reduce your water heating costs because there is no “tank” of water for the unit to continually heat and re-heat all day long. Instead, water is only heated when you actually turn on a hot water fixture.​

  • Comfort. A tankless heater can reduce the “wait time” for hot water for your shower or any other use. It also means that you should never “run out” of hot water because it is continually heated for as long as you leave the hot water running. As long as your unit is the right capacity for the number of people in your home, that should mean no one ever has to settle for cold or lukewarm water again.

Since tankless heaters are often mounted outside the home, that makes them much more common in Charleston than they are in other parts of the country. We work on tankless heaters on a regular basis and offer a full range of services including:

  • Repair of faulty or non-performing units​

  • Safe, fast, code-compliant installation of new units

We can assess the proper size, capacity, and placement of your tankless heater and help you get the right unit

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Hot water is an essential element of modern life. Don’t wake up every day to a long wait for hot water—or worse, an icy cold shower. ClimateMakers offers fast repairs and installations backed by a guarantee. Call us at 843-552-9024 or fill out the form and speak with one of our service experts today.

Water Heaters Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Keep Running Out of Hot Water?

If your hot water keeps running out much faster than it used to, your home is likely in need of water heater repairs. Your water heater could have a broken dip tube, which should prevent cold and warm water from mixing in your tank. Another possible problem could be that the lower heating element in your electric water heater has failed. While some of these issues can be fixed with repairs, it may be necessary to plan for a new water heater installation in the near future.

Why Does The Water Take So Long to Heat Up?

Slow wait times generally have to do with the plumbing in the home and are rarely cause for concern. Ranch-style houses tend to have longer pipelines, which means it takes longer for warm water to reach the faucet. You might need to call plumbing or sewer line repair services to alter your home’s water circulation system to remedy this issue.

What Is the Best Temperature Setting for A Water Heater?

For most people, a comfortable setting is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufacturers use this number as a pre-setting for many new water heaters. For older models, setting the thermostat to medium should do the trick.