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Indoor Air Quality in Charleston, SC

For professional HVAC service, you can count on ClimateMakers. We deliver individualized, first-rate indoor air quality evaluation and improvement services to residents and businesses in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown and the surrounding South Carolina areas.

  • Does anyone in your home suffer from asthma or allergies?

  • Do you have indoor pets in the home?

  • Do you feel like you have to constantly dust the furniture in your home?

  • Do you have visible mold underneath hard surfaces?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you don’t need to hold your breath. We can help!

What Causes Bad Indoor Air Quality?

Excellent indoor air quality typically goes unnoticed, while poor indoor air quality, most often triggered by allergens, particles, and microbes, can create health issues like coughing, sneezing, asthma attacks, fatigue, or even itchy skin. You can eliminate these aggravating contaminants; improve your air quality, and enhance your health and well-being, by having clean and purified indoor air.

Air quality can also have an affect on the performance of your HVAC system. With greater levels of pollutants indoors, your system will not run efficiently. Contaminants easily collect inside your heating and cooling systems, limiting the air flow needed to keep your home comfortable. So, what happens is your heating and cooling systems need to work harder in order to keep temperatures at your preferred levels, causing higher energy use and increased energy bills.

Don’t let your family suffer any longer, call ClimateMakers at 843-552-9024 to learn more about improving the indoor air quality in your Charleston or Myrtle Beach area home.

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

To help you enhance the quality of your indoor air, ClimateMakers is pleased to provide the following services:​

  • Ultraviolet Lights

The filter in your home’s HVAC system has only a limited ability to get rid of airborne dust and bacteria. Because of this limitation, some of the bacteria and dust is able to move through the ductwork and back into your home.


The most effective way to remove almost all of these harmful particles is to have a UV air sanitizer professionally installed. These units use ultraviolet light to destroy dust and bacteria particles, providing you clean, healthy air in your home that is practically free of dust and germs.

  • Dehumidifiers

Higher humidity levels in your home can cause the growth of harmful mold and mildew. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that the most effective way to limit the growth of mold in your home is to keep the relative humidity between 30 and 60%.

Having an air quality professional install a whole-home dehumidifier is a great way to manage the indoor relative humidity in your home.

  • Air Cleaners and Filtration

Air cleaners are at times mistaken as air purifiers, but they are indeed two different ways of cleaning your home’s air. An air cleaner is included and built in to your air conditioner system. It lets moving air pass through a filter in order to get rid of fine elements, which usually escape your home’s traditional air filter.​

  • Ductwork Replacement

Replacing ductwork is needed if the material has been damaged or contaminated by debris. Water damage can quickly promote microbial growth that’s difficult to correct. Fiberglass duct board, insulating sleeves and porous materials can’t be sanitized, so they have to be replaced. In older homes, there’s a possibility that the ducts have asbestos insulation, which involves special safety measure. 


The indoor air quality specialists at ClimateMakers are available to help you establish and keep clean air in your home.  Our air quality pros can come to your home and conduct indoor air quality testing, evaluate the overall quality of your indoor air, and identify levels of pollutants inside your home.


Depending on our results, we will recommend appropriate air quality solutions for your specific needs. We provide dependable products and expert installation to help you improve your home’s indoor air quality.

If you or a family member is putting up with allergies or asthma in your Lowcountry or Grand Strand area home, it might be time to call a professional for indoor air quality services. Contact us online or call ClimateMakers at 843-552-9024 to schedule your indoor air quality assessment.

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What Can Affect Indoor Air Quality?

To schedule your indoor air quality assessment, call ClimateMakers at 843-552-9024!

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Customer Review

"Climate Makers were very professional, knowledgeable, technically sound and very pleasant to work with. I really appreciate how quickly they responded to our needs and will definitely use their services in the future." - Home Advisor Review Michelle C. in Charleston, SC

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