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Gas Piping Installation & Repair Services in Charleston, SC

For Charleston gas line repair and installation services done right, call the experts at ClimateMakers at 843-552-9024

Charleston Gas Piping Installation & Repair

We Care About Our Customers’ Comfort

For all your natural gas repair and installation needs in your Charleston, SC area home or business, the number to call is 843-552-9024 to schedule your appointment with the friendly and efficient professionals at ClimateMakers.

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Charleston Gas Line Installation

Dependable gas line installation service in Charleston

If you are looking to install new gas piping in your home, it is very important to contact a fully certified professional plumber, who is trained to work on gas line installation and repair. Our Charleston gas piping experts at ClimateMakers Heating • AC • Plumbing can deal with any gas line installation. Contact us today to learn why more customers depend on ClimateMakers for complete gas piping installation services.

Are Professional Services Needed For Gas Line Installation?

Gas lines are a great heating solution for your home, but can also be one of the more dangerous systems in your home. When there is a leak or damage to the system, you could experience a fire hazard and even damage to your health.


While many of our customers may want to address these issues themselves, without the proper knowledge or experience, you could be exposing yourself to a possible issue. Plus, with the addition of new lines you can run the risk of failing to install them properly again leaving your home open to major issues in the future.

At ClimateMakers Heating • AC • Plumbing, we provide top quality products, which meet all the residential safety guidelines for the South Carolina Lowcountry. Our plumbers have experience with all kinds of gas systems and products, so you can rest assured we’ll safely get the job done right – including gas appliance installation for your kitchen. If you have questions about our Charleston gas piping installation services contact us today. Here are some more jobs we can help you install:

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Gas Grills

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design (2).png

Gas Fire Pits

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design (2).png

Gas Fireplaces

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design (2).png

Outdoor Fire Pit Rings

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Patio Fire Pit Bowls

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Gas Pool Heaters

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Gas Lines for Stoves

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Gas Tiki Torches

Extending Your Gas Line

Have you been thinking about getting a new gas range, grill, or dryer? The energy efficiency and convenience of having a new gas appliance are unbeatable.


Many chefs and those who love to cook realize that cooking on a gas range provides the best control and temperature management. Also, converting to a natural gas barbecue means you’ll never run out of propane or have to get your tank refilled during a fun backyard cookout.

ClimateMakers are the right professionals to fit your home with the needed pipes to extend your natural gas line to wherever you want to add a new appliance. Our licensed and expert technicians can quickly and safely finish the task of installing or increasing your gas line

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Charleston Gas Line Repair

Dependable gas line repair service in Charleston.

Many Charleston, SC area homeowners use natural gas to power many of their household appliances with a natural gas line running into their homes. Natural gas needs to be cautiously handled at all times. That means any time you suspect a problem with your gas line, immediately contact a professional gas line service company.

Unexpected gas line issues do happen. When they do, immediately call your local gas line repair specialists in Charleston, SC. For over 20 years, ClimateMakers Heating • AC • Plumbing gas piping contractors has been completing emergency gas line repair services throughout the Charleston area. When you require urgent gas pipe repair, we’re here to help 24/7.

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“ClimateMakers did and have done an outstanding job with all my repairs.”

— John, Google Review

Signs of a Gas Leak

As a homeowner, it’s critical to know what to look for to keep your family safe from the dangers of a gas leak. Here are a few of the most common signs of this emergency...

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Smelling rotten eggs is a predictable sign of a leak. Gas companies include an additive in the gas to create a foul smell. Doing so makes it easier to notice if a leak exists.

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A noticeable hissing sound is generally present if your gas line has a slit in it. This sound is the gas escaping the line.

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Leaks that happen in the line underground in your yard will affect the grass or vegetation above it and cause it to turn brown or die.

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Call 911 to have the gas company turn off the gas to your home.

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Make sure to turn off all your appliances entirely.

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Air out your home by opening the windows.

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design (2).png

Get out of the home.

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Do not turn on your car if it is parked close to the house.

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Call ClimateMakers to come in for a professional gas pipe repair.

What to Do if You

Have a Leak

Due to how flammable and combustible the fume is, gas leaks can be hazardous. If you think you have a leak in your home, use these precautions to protect your family.

This gas causes nausea, dizziness, and fatigue in humans when inhaled. Suppose you or a loved one feel any of these symptoms. In that case, we advise you to see a doctor immediately to avoid serious health issues.

Gas line issues are one of the most dangerous things that can happen in your Lowcountry home. Call ClimateMakers Heating • AC • Plumbing at 843-552-9024 in the Charleston, SC area so we can help provide a quick and safe gas piping solution.

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