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Summer Has Arrived. Please Confirm Your AC Settings Are Correct

As the mercury rises here in the Charleston Lowcountry, so do your energy bills. The cost of keeping your home comfortable could be a significant part of your summer budget. The good news is that you can save money on cooling costs by making a few slight adjustments to the thermostat setting and your habits. The temperature you set your thermostat at could play a big part in maximizing your family’s comfort and savings this summer.

What’s The Ideal Temperature Setting For Your AC?

Saving money on cooling costs can be as simple as setting your thermostat a little higher. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you set your thermostat at 78°F when you are home, and 10 degrees higher when you are not at home. This temperature still helps you stay cool while reducing your electric bill because your air conditioner will run less.

Switching To A Programmable Thermostat

Are you still using the same old, non-programmable thermostat? It can be easy to forget to raise the temperature on your way out for the day. Upgrading your thermostat to a smart programmable model will help ensure that your thermostat is set at the right temperature at the right time. Some models even connect to your home’s Wi-Fi so that you can adjust the temperature remotely as needed!

Let’s Talk About Your Fans

It's time to break your ceiling fan addiction. People think that ceiling fans are a great way to cool their home down, but in fact they are not. Ceiling fans do not cool your home; they merely move the air around you. If you are perspiring, the air movement can help dry your perspiration, which makes you feel cooler. However, if you are running your fans in unoccupied rooms, you are wasting money on electricity. Only use your ceiling fans in occupied rooms.

Don’t Make Your AC Work Harder Than It Has To

If your air conditioner is not taking in enough air, it will not run efficiently. A dirty or clogged air filter can impede the flow of air to your system. When this happens, your system will work harder to try to cool your home, which also causes your electric bill to go up. Check your filters each month and replace them as needed.

Serving The Charleston Area Since 2001

Did you know that ClimateMakers offers air conditioning tune-ups maintenance, and thermostat replacement? Not only will we make sure your system is running efficiently, but our service team will also clean the coils, check refrigerant charge and inspect your indoor and outdoor units. Whether you’re looking to optimize your energy efficiency or extend the life of your HVAC system, having a professional service provider is a must.

If you have not had your air conditioner serviced yet, it is not too late. In the Charleston area, contact ClimateMakers to schedule service today.


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