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Common HVAC Issues to Avoid

Have you noticed a drop in efficiency or a strange smell coming from your heating and cooling system? If so, you may be experiencing an issue that could lead to costly repairs. Luckily, there are many preventative measures you can take to make sure your HVAC system is running smoothly.

HVAC systems work with various components to keep your home and office at the perfect temperature. Filters, compressors, and coils are all unique parts that need to work together to provide you with quality heating or cooling. If any part stops working properly, you can experience a drop in efficiency and potentially costly repairs.

Luckily, there are many ways to prevent these issues from arising in the first place. Whole-home maintenance can prevent breakdowns and keep your HVAC system working at its best.

The ClimateMakers team has dealt with many HVAC problems in Charleston, SC. From heating and cooling to humidity and ventilation, we've seen it all. Here are a few of the most common issues we've seen:

A Leaky Outdoor Unit

Leaks are the number one cause of the majority of HVAC system malfunctions. Leaks can happen in hoses, fittings, ductwork, outdoor components, condensers, coils, or evaporators, among other things. The most common leaks are in hoses. Hoses are typically found to be leaking near the point where the hose meets the cap, the nut, where the hose meets the motor, or where the hose meets the motor regulator.

When an HVAC system is installed, it is critical that all connections are properly tightened. If a connection hasn’t been tightened securely, it could leak. Many leaks are caused by improper installation, not just by failed components.

Many leaks are very quiet and go undetected for years. By the time you are aware of the leak, the damage has already been done, and correcting it is much more costly. In extreme cases, leaks can cause damage to other components, such as wiring and ducts.

An Indoor Coil That Freezes Over

Air conditioners are only able to work when the condenser coil is warm. They can't work when it freezes over. When this happens, or when there is other damage to the coil, somebody should replace it. The coil cannot freeze over because it will cause extensive damage to the coil.

A condenser coil needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent it from clogging up. When the coil is clogged, the air conditioner will have to work a lot harder to circulate the air throughout your home. There will also be a lot of wear and tear on the compressor, which will shorten the life of your air conditioner.

You should consider hiring professional Charleston HVAC technicians to deal with this problem. The fact is that the process of defrosting the coils on an air conditioner is hazardous and can be extremely costly if the coils are damaged.

Clogged Air Ducts

Your heating and cooling system is an integral part of your home's HVAC system. Air is brought into your home, circulated through your home's ducts, and then sent back outside. As the air moves through the ducts, it can become clogged with particles, dust, hair, dirt, and debris not removed by your HVAC system.

This buildup can reduce airflow, causing the system to work harder to provide heating or cooling throughout your home. Unclogging these ducts can reduce your energy usage by up to 15% by removing the buildup.

To avoid this costly clogging, make sure you leave a gap between furniture and walls, vacuum or sweep your floors regularly and use a blower that tilts the floor instead of the wall to strip your ducts of debris.

Dirty Air Filters

When it comes to clean air, most people take it for granted. They'll be breathing it every day. But what most people don't know is they don't even need to be near pollution to be breathing dirty air. All they need to do is live in a home with a dirty air filter.

People don't think about it because they can't see the particles choking them, and there's nothing to compare that to. Our lungs and breathing systems are like sponges, and we're constantly breathing in dirty air.

It's not until we see and feel the effects that we're reminded to replace those dirty filters. Every time we take a breath, those dirty filters take in dirty particles, and those particles stay with us.

Dirty air filters can cause your HVAC system to run longer and longer as it tries to cool down the home. Dirty air filters cause the airflow to be restricted, which will slow down the airflow in the furnace and make it work harder. When this happens, the blower will use more energy and overheat. As a result, your furnace is going to be on more. Regular cleaning of the filters will help reduce the strain on the system and lead to a more comfortable and healthier atmosphere inside the home.

Wrapping It Up

Your Charleston HVAC system plays a crucial part in your comfort, but wear and tear can make it harder for your system to do its job.

A quality HVAC repair and maintenance team in the Charleston, SC area can help you maintain your system so that it functions efficiently and saves you time and money. At ClimateMakers, our primary goal is to keep you comfortable. Your HVAC system should be working smoothly, so you can focus on what matters.

How do we accomplish this? We’ll provide you with professional HVAC repair and maintenance services, giving you the kind of service you expect from a top-notch local business that puts your satisfaction first. Plus, we’re family-owned and operated, so we’re always respectful of your time and eager to work hard for you.


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