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4 Reasons To Replace Your Air Conditioner Now!

When is the right time to replace your home’s AC? It may not always be so obvious. Many times, you decide to overlook that the system might not be cooling as powerfully as it once did; figuring if it works, there is no point in replacing it right away.

Charleston Air Conditioning Replacement

But, what happens if a prolonged heat wave hits the Charleston Lowcountry? Can you really count on your air conditioning system to make it through and keep you cool? Check out these four important reasons why you should consider replacing your AC unit sooner rather than later:

1. You’ve Spent Money on More Than One AC Repair

Increasing air conditioning repair costs are a usual sign of problems, mainly if your warranty has run out. Money paid on air conditioning repairs is generally better spent on an AC replacement where you can expect less expensive electric bills, a new warranty and no air conditioning repairs to lose sleep over.

2. A Poorly Maintained Unit

While properly maintained AC systems can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, the life expectancy on a badly maintained system is only about 10 years, if you’re lucky. Negligent or inconsistent maintenance also hurts performance, and your system won’t make you feel as comfy as it would have with ongoing, regular tune-ups.

3. Paying More on Your Utility Bills

Air conditioners require more energy to perform as they get older. You’ll usually see this when you check out your ever-increasing utility bills. The amount of power an older AC needs can add up to a lot of money, especially when you consider that your heating and costs is responsible for close to half of your total utility bill each month.

4. Your Air Conditioner Still Uses R 22 Freon

Beginning January 1, 2020, R 22 Freon is being phased out and will become illegal in the United States, and of course, Charleston. In the meantime, if you develop a leak in your AC compressor and it needs to be topped off with Freon, the repair could cost you as much as a new, low-end air conditioner.

If you hang on until your existing AC system stops working, especially in the Charleston heat, you won’t have the luxury of time to pick and choose; you’ll have to move faster and potentially make a less-informed decision. ClimateMakers provides no-cost air conditioning replacement consultations. Click here to learn more, or call us at (843) 552-9024 to schedule your free consultation.


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