CHARLESTON Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair 

What Can Go Wrong With Your Home’s Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal is a key part of your drainage system, as it prevents clogging and other serious drainage issues. However, a lot can go wrong with them. They can be clogged with grease, blocked by a food or other foreign substances. Plus, they can simply stop working. Over time they can also break down mechanically. Garbage disposals need regular maintenance and repairs, from a blown motor to worn blades.


At ClimateMakers, we will inspect your entire plumbing system from intake to drainage system. Our number one goal is to ensure the comfort of our customers year round. Our trained technicians will inspect your garbage disposal or assist with installation, ensuring that it is in the best condition possible.

Our Garbage Disposal Services Include:

  • Removing the previous garbage disposal

  • Inspecting the new unit for leaks, defects, and other issues that may cause problems

  • Review of the current plumbing and electrical wiring to determine if your plumbing is up to code

  • Installation of the new unit and connection to existing plumbing

  • Evaluating and testing of the installed garbage disposal, in your presence, to make sure everything is properly working

  • Discussion on proper maintenance to assure that your garbage disposal lasts for years to come

  • Clean-up of any debris created by the installation (which can include mildew that you don’t want to inhale)

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