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Charleston Backflow Testing, Prevention,
& Inspection Services

If you have a backflow device and want to ensure that it is working properly, give us a call. We are SC DEHEC-certified and can test your backflow device for you.

The Last Thing You Want Is To Get Fined By Your Local Water Company

We Care About Our Customers’ Comfort

Have you heard from the city or county that your backflow prevention assembly needs to be tested? If not, it's time to check up on your property. Backflow devices are essential for water safety and need to be inspected annually.

All our backflow technicians are licensed and certified so you can rest assured that we are experts with our work. Our technicians will be coming to your home to inspect your backflow device and inform you of its condition. If you need to replace your backflow device, we will be replacing it with a new and reliable one.


ClimateMakers services Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, Summerville, North Charleston, West Ashley, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and surrounding areas. Contact our A+ BBB rated, Charleston Backflow company at 843-552-9024 to see what we can do for your commercial or residential needs.

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Protect Your Family and Property from Damage Caused by Backflow

We offer backflow testing, prevention, and inspection services in Charleston, South Carolina, and surrounding Lowcountry areas to help you stay safe from contaminated water.


If there are negative pressures in your plumbing system, your water will flow backwards. This is called backflow.


When backflow occurs, it can contaminate a water supply with harmful substances. This can happen in a lot of ways, such as a home being tied to an in-ground pool or a business being hooked up to a landscape irrigation system.


It sounds scary. Don't worry. We have the answer. We offer backflow prevention testing and inspection services to help restore your plumbing system.

Backflow Prevention Testing and Inspection Services

We offer testing and inspection of your existing backflow prevention device. If your backflow prevention device has been installed by someone else, we can test it.


We inspect the piping connecting the device to both the source water supply and the discharge water supply to make sure they are connected properly.


We'll also test the device to make sure that it works properly during the inspection. The backflow prevention device is checked for functionality.

ClimateMakers is a licensed, insured, and experienced plumbing company that provides professional and thorough services. We provide yearly backflow testing as well as any repairing or replacement required.


When you work with us, we will take care of all the necessary paperwork to keep your residence or business in compliance with all city, state, and federal requirements.

To schedule your annual backflow test, call 843-552-9024 or fill out the form to the right.


Why You Should Schedule a Backflow Preventer Installation Appointment

Preventing backflow issues in the future requires more than just a one-time plumbing inspection. You need to install a backflow prevention system and have annual backflow prevention testing done.

You can't maintain a safe drinking water supply without a backflow prevention system. The consequences of not having one, or forgetting to have annual testing, can be serious for those exposed to the contaminated water.

You may be experiencing a backflow issue right now. If not, you want to avoid the expensive and disruptive consequences of a backflow issue in the future.

ClimateMakers Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has the experience and tools needed to install a backflow prevention system correctly. We can also perform annual testing, so you'll know if your system is working correctly.

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“ClimateMakers did and have done an outstanding job with all my repairs.”

— John, Google Review

Protect Your Family From Contaminated Water

When a backflow preventer is not working or has not been installed, contaminated water can easily flow backwards into the clean water system. If this happens, people and pets can get very ill. We recommend calling your local plumbers to perform a backflow test. It is important to make sure that your family’s health and safety are not compromised.

There's an old saying: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." The same holds true with backflow prevention valves. Over time, they can deteriorate or break down and need to be repaired or replaced. We recommend scheduling an annual backflow testing appointment with our local Charleston plumbers.


​Give us a call, 843-552-9024, or use this contact form for a free estimate

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Test Your Backflow Prevention Device Today!

Why It's Important To Run A Backflow Test

Drinking water generally flows from a source to your tap, but sometimes it may flow in the opposite direction, or “backflow”. It is important to know about backflow because it can contaminate your drinking water supply. A few causes of backflow are a water main break or high demand at a hydrant. You can never be sure when backflow will happen.


How To Get A Backflow Test Done

If you have a Charleston area home or business, it is required that an annual backflow test be performed. A letter will be sent to you one month before the due date to remind you of the requirement.


If you have received this notification, contact ClimatMakers for a licensed plumber to perform the test. The report must be filed with the city once the test is completed.


Requirements Before Backflow Testing Begins


Licensed plumbers have many responsibilities before a backflow test can begin. They have to get permission from property owners or representatives, notify authorities of any fire lines, and make sure the assembly and surrounding area are being observed and recorded. The plumber also has to record or verify the manufacturer, model, serial number, size, and location of the device being tested.

Backflow Testing Process

The test will determine if backflow is present and what the main issue is. The process usually involves the use of gate and relief valves. Essentially, the plumber will be closing valves and checking for changes in gauge movement, water leaks, and other clear signs.

To ensure that check valves work properly, certain criteria must be met during the testing process. For instance, backflow must be prevented. Air ports should open when called upon. And relief valves should open before pressure in the tubing falls below 2 PSL below the inlet device.

To prepare for a backflow test, property owners need to do nothing. They only need to make sure that everyone involved knows that the water will be shut off and that it will take time for the water to return. If they decide to, they can make their life easier and speed up the process by performing any tasks beforehand and making sure everyone is aware of the schedule.


There are many Charleston plumbing companies out there, but few specialize in backflow prevention. If you want the best for your home or business, call ClimateMakers, 843-552-9024.


Need a licensed plumber to test or install a backflow preventer device? Contact ClimateMakers. Your comfort is our business.

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