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Charleston AC Filters & Filter Replacement Services

It’s essential to have good quality indoor air in your home, whether it’s the oppressive Charleston area summer heat or even the coldest nights of a Lowcountry winter. Not only can it have an impact on your health, it can also put a crunch on your monthly cooling or heating bills.

Even more importantly, during the times when you’re using you AC or heating the most, check your air filters and replace the dirty ones. While changing your air conditioner filter is possible for many Charleston area homeowners, a professional AC filter replacement from ClimateMakers offers various benefits, such as an air conditioning expert who will inspect for:

  • Small issues or irregularities in your air conditioner that could turn into a costly emergency

  • Any possible problems that could be causing your air filter to become dirty quickly

A professional AC filter replacement lets a technician check the area in detail and make certain that it’s running at top efficiency.

What Does an Air Filter Do?

  • A clean air filter keeps dirt and dust from collecting in the air conditioning and heating system and allows your system to operate more efficiently.

  • A dirty air filter reduces air flow, making the system to run harder to cool or heat your home. Dirt can also accumulate and create a system failure or cause high maintenance costs.



When Should You Replace Your Home Air Filter?

You should check your home’s air filters every month, while dirty filters should be replaced as soon as possible. According to Energy Star, each of your home’s filters needs to be changed every three months at a minimum. If your heating and cooling system has to work harder to heat or cool your home, not only is energy being wasted, but so is your hard-earned money.

What Is MERV Rating?

Deciding on the correct filter for your HVAC system is simple with the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) scale that shows you how well your filter catches airborne particles in your home. The scale goes from 1 to 20, with higher numbers meaning the ability to catch smaller particles.


The best filter for your needs isn’t necessarily the one with the highest MERV rating. It’s key to check the requirements of your cooling equipment to decide on the highest quality filter it will need. Air flow to your AC system can be impeded when using higher MERV filters as they are thicker and can ultimately cause as much damage as a dirty filter. It’s important to consider both optimum air both and air cleaning capabilities when choosing a filter.

For quality air conditioning  

installation services in Charleston contact us now to have a certified technician install a new cooling system in your home.

Call 843-552-9024

Why Choose ClimateMakers?

Serving Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, Summerville, North Charleston, Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, ClimateMakers has many years of experience in a full range of HVAC services. ​


Contact us today at ClimateMakers, 843-552-9024, for more expert information on selecting and changing your air filter. We’re committed to keeping Charleston area and Grand Strand residents comfortable throughout the year with quality service.

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We want to make quality service within reach for our customers. Financing options are available for new system replacements or installations. 

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